The theme.


If you’ve ever looked at the header of this blog (and not just scrolled straight to the article) then you must have noticed that the name of the blog is ‘My Collage’ .  But thats not where I’m  headed though. Its what’s written undearneath that title. Any ideas? If you dont know then I’d give you some time to check it out, then come back, so we can continue with the good news I have for you today:).

Ok, we are back. So what’s there? What 😮!? You didn’t check? Oya, second oppurtunity. Scroll up and check it now.

Now, what’s there? did you say ” see the big picture?” Well you are absolutely right! Thats the theme of this blog. I talked a bit about this on my about page right here.  Recently I’ve been reminded about that theme and I felt I should share what’s in my heart with you my darling reader😙.Read More »