I’m not who I thought I was.

*Clearing cobwebs*

It’s been 2 weeks, 2 whole weeks! I’ve missed writing , I’ve thought about it almost everyday, but sun up to sun down, time has been like a slippery child in my hands, every time I try to grasp, it just slips away, until today (i’m wearing special gloves, so no slipping baby! 😊).Read More »

He Proposed!!

Every girl has a faint (or not so faint) idea of how she would like to be proposed to; a large gathering vs a private one, without cameras or with video coverage, a huge surpise or something simple…… there are some of us that just want to wake up to an engagement ring on our finger, no fuss, no stress. Even the “I don’t need a man” kind of ladies tend to think of these things too. I think it’s in the blood.Read More »