I don’t know

I’ve been on the road for over 7 hours (as at the time I’m writing this) and i still have a few more to go before getting to my destination. But I’m not complaining, i love road trips, if not for anything else, i just love to stare at the big beautiful sky and marvel at the beauty of nature and by extension, the mastery of my God.Read More »

My Journey 2.

Hello darlings, i can’t believe it’s just a week since i wrote the first part of ‘my Journey’…it feels like ages, it feels too long (see how i miss you? 😊). So it’s totally awesome to be back here to continue to give you the gist about my journey towards freedom. I call it that because truly, a wrong mindset is like a prison yard, it holds you bound and blinds you from seeing things clearly, if u missed the first part find it Here.

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