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When I think about Jesus, I think about miracles
The one whose birth is inexplicably divine
It beats human reasoning
Medicine cant explain it
Neither can I.

When I think about Jesus, I think of great wisdom
The one who taught His teachers at 12
With words so profound, they were left speechless
The unschooled son of a mere carpenter
Yet he spoke like a prodigy.

When I think about Jesus, I think about humility
The one who sat and ate with sinners
Titles and rank mean very little to Him
He washed the feet of those who should have washed His
To some it seemed belittling, to Him it was an honor.

When I think about Jesus l think about sacrifice
The one who left his comfort-zone
With all the perks and luxury
The King of all kings
yet He came down to this world as mere man

When I think about Jesus I think about Love
The one who was  (and stiill is) so crazy about me
Crazy enough to pay the price for a crime he didn’t commit
“What greater love has a man than this? that he should lay down his life for his friends”
Yes He calls me friend.

When I think about Jesus,
My Saviour, my Lord, my Friend, my All
I’m left in awe of a Personality so profound
I could dig and dig and still not even scratch the surface of who He is.

Amazing, awesome, limitless
He is much more than words can ever describe
and when no other words come to mind
To qualify the great I Am
All I can say is Jesus…..Jesus……JESUS.

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