Victorious and still fighting.


Its never sweet to lose

Never a boast to be defeated

No one goes into a battle with the plan to concede defeat

No one partakes in a race hoping to come last

But even when we don’t desire to fail

And in times  when we are sure we would triumph

We suddenly realise that we’ve been beaten hands down

The race is over and we are last in tow

The crowd is cheering but not for us

And its because we lost.Read More »

Sweet Sleep


Today is one of those days when I have no idea what to write about but I want to write something anyway. So here I am trying to awaken my creativity. I hope it responds.

Hmm…Talking about awakening 😆 (a light bulb just came on!). Have you ever had trouble waking up or maybe getting up from bed after you’ve woken up? When the weather is so cool and the sleep is incredible sweet and all you want to do is tuck the covers more tightly around yourself, but you know  its morning and there’s alot to be done plus your wicked alarm is still ringing loudly even though you’ve put it off twice! Well I think you know what I’m talking about.

Some days I literally have to roll off my bed to the floor,  because otherwise, there’s just no will to get up. Sleep is sweeeeet o! Sometimes too sweet for our own good.Read More »