The Benz Saga continued…..

Happy Fri-Yay!! I’m excited about the weekend and the concluding part of the story we began last week. If the suspense was too much for you, I apologise, it was done with good intentions.😊 And if you missed the first part of the story, “express don leave you commot since o!”  PLEASE catch up with us Here.Read More »

Digging deep…

Hello you, Its a beautiful wednesday today, and there’s this matter that has been on my heart for a few days, its a scripture passage actually. So I thought we could take a break from the normal routine of this blog and ‘dig deep’ into the word….So get your shovels ready people, its time to dig!Read More »

When I don’t feel Him…


We are humans, flesh and blood, living, breathing, eating.

we feel things all around us, we feel with our senses.

Sometimes we feel God too, we feel him around us,

and it’s an amazing ‘feeling’.

But other times, we don’t feel him, we don’t feel him at all,

And it’s in times like this that we begin to ask questions…Read More »